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It's Always Music Time

With Reliable's Best Gaming Music 

“We have collaborated with Reliable Music for years, and their professionalism and attentiveness are what continually drive us to choose them.”

Gregory Nellison

Reliable Music Inc. is an international one-stop service company, specializing in entertainment content production, cross-border copyright management and distribution, and overseas market marketing services.

In the field of commercial copyright management, we oversee more than 500,000 music and sound effect copyrights.

We're proud to present the royalty-free music platform of Reliable Music, expertly managed by our Chinese team:

We have produced a vast array of music, voiceovers, and CG videos for well-known domestic gaming companies such as NetEase Games, miHoYo, Hypergraph, Yostar, 37 Interactive Entertainment, Kuro Game, and Perfect World, as well as internationally renowned gaming companies like Blizzard, EA, and Ubisoft.

Our talent pool covers casting to filming, with tailored recommendations for projects. Our IP team supports collaborations and has experience licensing music copyrights for top automotive and gaming firms.

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